Brain Hive is a Print & Digital Distributor, meaning we take content from lots of Publishers and put together custom Classroom libraries, Bookrooms and eBook collections to our customers specifications.

Some of those criteria can be Budget, GRL, Topics, Genres, Standards, Balance of Fiction/Non-Fiction, more….

We provide a free tool (DiBS) for schools to manage any of their existing and future print materials from any publisher, as long as it has an ISBN barcode. We even provide schools with 10 free eBooks to get started.

Brain Hive is not your typical eBook platform used in the Library for Independent Reading. Brain Hive is for the classroom.

The platform goes well beyond just reading ebooks and markups on those books.

Every title comes with free “Interactive Graphic Organizers”.

Certain titles come with free “Interactive Black Line Masters (BLMs)”

The GOs and BLMs can be used in used in “Side by Side” mode, providing a scaffolded way for students to fill out the Gos and BLMs next to the text they are pulling the information from, just as they would with print.

The Brain Hive Platform extends and reinforces both Print and Digital instruction and helps teach students Digital Literacy Skills.