Brain Hive’s eBooks help build students’ digital literacy skills and prepare them for online testing. Digital tools include markups such as highlighters, strike-through, underline and notes. Some books will include Text to Speech.

All eBooks are available for purchase with simultaneous multi-user access or through customizable subscription packages.

Interactive Graphic Organizers

Every title comes with 5 interactive graphic organizers (GOs) (KWL, Topic Web, Main Idea and Key Details, Venn and Frayer) and we can add more.

Students can fill these out online and their teachers can view them remotely.

Interactive Black Line Masters

Bring technology into lesson planning in a meaningful, content-rich way by combining print and digital texts to facilitate whole-group, small-group, and differentiated literacy instruction.

Some of our publishers provide book specific interactive “Black Line Masters (BLMs)”.

Students can fill these out online and their teachers can view them remotely.

New PDI Lessons

Our Graphic Organizers and Black Masters are typically just interactive digital versions of the ‘Print Resources’ provided by the publisher. Some customers may not have both Print and Digital versions of the books .

PDI Lessons are specifically written knowing that customers will have both Print and Digital and therefore can leverage each.  Teachers can use ‘Print’ in small group instruction and then use ‘Digital Extensions’ to enhance and reinforce that lesson during independent time either at school or home.

Free Learning Resource Manager  (LRM)

Do you know what is in your Bookroom?

Brain Hive provides you a free DiBS (Digital Bookroom Solutions) account so your school and can track and manage your print and digital books in one location.

Lerner Interactive Books™

Lerner Interactive Books are designed with rich multimedia and interactive tools that help improve key literacy skills and confidence for struggling and emergent readers in grades K-6. Each title has fun audio and interactive features, including online games, video and sound clips, and writing activities. Also included are three audio speeds, zoom, progress bar, text highlighting, easy-to-use glossary, and single-word repeat tools. This is an engaging way to make reading and learning fun—not frustrating.

Audisee™ eBooks with Audio

Audisee™ eBooks with Audio is the solution for your reluctant readers! Sentence highlighting with professional narration bring these eBooks to life. Students are drawn to the wide variety of titles—from curriculum-oriented nonfiction to page-turning chapter books to award-winning young-adult fiction. Even the most reluctant student can’t resist participating!

Live Oak Media eReadalongs

eReadAlongs are eBooks integrated with the fully-produced, high-quality audio productions that distinguish Live Oak Media in the field of children’s book recordings. eReadalongs can be played automatically or manually. To support the varying skills of individual students, word highlighting is an option on the eReadalongs.