Teacher: Add a single student to a class

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This tutorial (with video) will show you how a Teacher can add a  single student into a class.

There are 2 two types of ways to add a student.

  1. Students who is Already in School.
  2. Brand New Student.

It is ‘Best Practice’ to create all your Classes and Groups before you start to add students. 

Students already in the school where either imported by the administrator, or another teacher added them to their class.


Student is Already in School

1.   Click the ‘Students‘ Tab KB_Students Tab
2.   Click ‘Add Student‘ button (Upper Right)

3.   Search to see if student is already in the school by typing in either:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Login ID
4.   Click Search (Magnifying Glass Icon)
5.    Click the ‘+‘ beside the student you want to add
You MUST add the student to one of your classes.
6.    Click the ‘ADD’ button to add the student to one of your class

Brand New Student

If after Step 4 above, you searched for the student and they are not already in the school, you will need to add them.

Click ‘Would you like to add one?‘ button.

Enter all of the required information.

Required Fields are:

  • Class
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Login ID (Does NOT have to be a email address, but must be unique to school)
  • Password

Enter the information and click ‘Save’

Video Walk through of Both: