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Create Classes and Groups

Teachers can have have as many Classes as they want.

Students can belong to multiple Classes.

Classes can be sub divided into Groups.

Students can belong to 0 or more Groups.

It is recommend that you create your Classes and Groups before your start importing, adding and assigning students to them.

Here the recommended order.

  1. Create Classes
  2. Create Groups for thise Classes (Optional)
  3. Add or Import Students to Classes
  4. Assign Students to Groups (Optional)

 Add Classes:

1.   Click the ‘Students‘ tab KB_Students Tab
2.   Click the ‘Add Class‘ button

3.   Enter the name of the class and click Save. 

If you already have the import file ready, you can import from here.

If not, you can import the students later.

Edit the Class Name:

Show the list of classes, then click the class now or ‘Edit’ button to the right and a edit window will come up. Just change the name.


Add Groups

*** You need to already have created a class ***

1.  Click the ‘Students‘ tabs KB_Students Tab
2.  Click the ‘Add Group‘ button
3.  Select the ‘Class‘ and enter the group name

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