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Welcome to Brain Hive.

This guide is meant to help teachers plan and organize everything they need to get set up and ready use the platform with their students.

As a teacher your school admin should have provided you:

  • Teacher/Admin url for the Teacher/Admin Portal KB: Teacher/Admin URL
  • username and password
  • Direct School‘ url for the Student Viewer KB: Student Viewer Login
  • Generic Student User ID‘ and Password (Do post on public websites)

The below steps are only necessary if your school plans on using ‘Named Users’ as opposed to ‘Generic Student Users’ or you want to assign books to students via Classes/Groups.

  1. Gather your student list
  2. Create separate csv (comma delemited) files for each class
  3. Students (First,last,login id,password) NO Header Row
  4. Create Classes & Groups (Optional) KB: Teacher Create Class/Groups
  5. Import Students in Classes KB:Import Students in Class
  6. Search for Books KB: Teacher – Simple Bookroom Search
  7. Assign books to a Class – KB: Teacher Assign Books

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