Mail To Home

Let Rourke & Brain Hive ship instructional materials directly to your students homes. 

Then have those same resources available DIGITALLY!

Starting at $5 – We will ship the resources you choose directly to your students home.

Step 1. – Set a “Per Student Budget”

Step 2. – Select one of the packages below or “Let us Customize It!”

Step 3. – Get us the addresses and  “We take care of the rest!”

Step 4. – We can provide most of the same materials digitally as a “Digital Extension!”

Example Packages:

Brain Hive Brochure



5 Leveled Books
Parent Guide
Reading Log
(English and Spanish)



8 Leveled Books
1 Workbook
Flash Cards
(English and Spanish)



12 Leveled Books
Journal, Science & Extension Activities
Teacher Resources
(English and Spanish)

K-5 Spanish


15 Spanish Books
2 Workbooks
(English and Spanish)
Brain Hive Brochure

Home Tutoring


130 Leveled Books & 3 Tubs
6 Workbooks
2 Flash Cards
1 STEM Challenge Box